Who Created Truth Origins?

Four handsome, charming and enthusiastic guys with a passion for health and wellbeing.  

The Truth founders consist of an Australian expat living in England that opened a martial arts gym, an Irish-American Yogi who found a beautiful English rose and decided to make the UK his home, a New Zealander who travels the world with his wife and gorgeous twin daughters (who don't like to sleep)... and of course, “The Brains” Dr. Harrison Weisinger AKA (Dr. Harry) who has a passion for human health, his family, and cycling (really, lots & lots of cycling).

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About Truth Origins

Hello From Trent & Dr. Harry

The Brains

The Muscle

The Yogi

The Jet-Setter

So, with a focus on plant-based products without the marketing spin, the four of us combined our skills in customer service, scientific research and eCommerce to found Truth Origins. 

We are innovative, we like things to be natural and we only sell what we believe in. That means we use our own products in our everyday lives and share our experiences with you.

Sit, back, click, and relax as we take you back to basics, back to the origins of food and show you the truth about plant-based medicine.

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Supported by Science

We all live active lifestyles, and are constantly monitoring the latest trends in health, fitness and fatherhood. We think of ourselves as honest and genuine guys who continue to innovate healthy solutions to common life challenges. All of our products are supported by science as we promote the truth about the emerging power of plant based nutrition.


Australia is known for many things: great beaches, friendly people and our amazing natural beauty. But who would have thought that Aussie Scientists could win the bio-availability arms-race?

Supported by Science

Tell us more about the doctor on your team!

Dr. Harrison Weisinger (Dr. Harry)

Dr Harry is a family doctor in Australia but has also worked in the UK, Europe and the United States. Before he obtained his medical degree, Harry did a Masters and Ph.D. looking into the effects of nutrition on brain development, bodyweight and blood pressure. Throughout his working career as medical doctor, university professor, and scientist, Dr Harry has committed his life to improving human health. 

Having often been asked by his patients about various supplements, he realised that the evidence for most of them was inadequate and unsatisfying. With a commitment to providing better supplements and better evidence, with his good friends, he co-founded Truth Origins.

Dr Harry explains his motivation: 

No-one was really doing it right. I had no answer when my friends or patients would ask my advice on which supplements to use. But more importantly, I felt many companies weren’t giving people honest information. There’s so much spin in the supplement industry. I wanted to take a different approach altogether: state the facts and let people decide for themselves.