Dr. Harrison Weisinger, MBBS, PhD.

“I’ve spend my life studying food and medicine– when my patients would ask my advice on which supplements to use, I had no answer. I felt many companies weren’t giving people honest information. I Started Truth Origins because I wanted to take a different approach altogether: state the facts and let people decide for themselves”.

100% Plants. Zero Nasties

We only used 100% plant ingredients. Nature doesn't need petrochemicals or artificial anythings

We have raised the bar for supplements- water solubility!

Nutritional scientists have struggled to make Curcumin and Omegas water soluble. We've done it! That means more of these exciting compunds are absorbed in your body. Absorb more, waste less.

Supported by Science.

We won't waffle on with marketing spin. Every reference we make to our products are clearly linked with the peer-reviewed studies that got us excited. All of our products are personally tried and tested by our founder, a family GP that ALSO has a PhD in nutrition

Who follows the perfect diet?

We all know the importance of eating a perfectly nutricious diet. But most of us can't. We source the best organic plant ingredients, extract the key compounds cleanly, and then make them into the most bio-available form possible.

No chemicals, no toxins, no nasties. Just plants.

Brought to you with integrity, transparency and the simple truth.



There are no heavy metals, pesticides, solvents or synthetic chemicals present in any of our products. Everything comes from the Earth. If it doesn’t grow from the soil, we don’t use it.


We use state-of-the-art biochemical technology to extract and concentrate the active compounds found in our supplements. They’re clean, green and easily absorbed.


The science behind our supplements is incredible! But the good news is that you won’t need a Ph.D. to get the benefits because our supplements are water soluble.


We bet you’ve heard that before! We take taste seriously, especially because we personally use our products on a daily basis. “All natural” no longer means ‘ordinary’ when it comes to taste.