Truth Origins. Clean and Potent

Our scientists have developed truly water-soluble supplements. This dramatically increases their bioavailability (how easily they can make their way into the bloodstream). You can consume them neat, mix them in a glass of water or any beverage.

Liquid Curcumin - 3000mg

A world-first. Water-soluble, full-spectrum Turmeric-derived Curcumin concentrate with synergistic botanicals. Nothing artificial. No synthetics or solvents.

Liquid Omegas. 100% water-soluble plant-based essential fatty acids

Completely water-soluble, concentrated Omega polyunsaturated fatty acids. Extracted from plant sources only. No fish, krill or cod livers were harmed in the production of Truth Origins Omegas! Get your daily essential fatty acids without having to eat a plate of sushi.

Water Soluble Liquid Vitamin C

We’ve done it! A world first water soluble, plant derived Vitamin C Anti-Oxidant, and the bigger breakthrough is it's all natural. No synthetics, solvents, toxins or chemicals used.

Optimized MCT Oil - 1L. 100% Coconut derived (No Palm Oil.)

We have created a combination of MCT essential fatty acids from Coconuts to use anytime you need a quick boost of long-lasting energy!

No chemicals, no toxins, no nasties. Just plants.

We have extracted key compounds from organically-grown plants to develop our range of water-soluble, concentrated, great-tasting supplements. Brought to you with integrity, transparency and the simple truth.



There are no heavy metals, pesticides, solvents or synthetic chemicals present in any of our products. Everything comes from the Earth. If it doesn’t grow from the soil, we don’t use it.


We use state-of-the-art biochemical technology to extract and concentrate the active compounds found in our supplements. They’re clean, green and easily absorbed.


The science behind our supplements is incredible! But the good news is that you won’t need a Ph.D. to get the benefits because our supplements are water soluble.


We bet you’ve heard that before! We take taste seriously, especially because we personally use our products on a daily basis. “All natural” no longer means ‘ordinary’ when it comes to taste.