[Can i take these products if I'm on other medications?]

We are not aware of any contraindications to taking our products, and as far as we know, there are no known medication interactions. Some people confuse “Curcumin” with “Coumarin” which is related to the blood-thinner-Warfarin (trade name, Coumadin). To be clear, Curcumin has no known effect on blood clotting. Having said this, we are closely regulated as a food supplement so we can’t give medical advice. If you’re unsure about taking any of our supplements, we suggest you check with your regular doctor.

[What's the difference between "supported by science" and "scientifically proven?"]

The supplement industry is frequently called into question by various groups, including those in the pharmaceutical industry. This scepticism is certainly justified in cases where there is very little evidence-of-benefit for particular products (such as magnetic treatments or some homeopathic preparations).

The products we offer show enormous promise, we get them as close to the compounds and doses that have been tested in independent human, animal or in-vitro scientific studies, typically in hospital or university research departments.

These studies are what we refer to as “supported by science”. We think it’s good enough to give them a try now, rather than wait for categorical proof (see our 'carrot town' video below these FAQ section) when unquestionable scientific proof could take another 10, 20 or even 50 years.

[Who should take supplements?]

Good question. As much as we think the answer to this really is 'everyone' (we need to pay the bills ;), the reality is that clean and natural supplements are expensive.

It costs about £1 per day to use one of our supplements. Most of our customers are proactive in innovative health research, have dietary restrictions (ethical or strategic), or athletes. We think most people could benefit from a range of products like ours, which are plant-based and designed for maximum absorption and impact!

[How does your MONEY-BACK guarantee work?]

We are fully confident in the quality of our products,  they have been great for us personally,  we want (and hope) they work for everybody. That's wishful thinking. The reality is that our genetics, physiology and challenges differ. So if you don't like our product within 60 days of receiving it, we don't want you to pay for it- It's risk free. However as we offer free tracked shipping on all orders, we can't afford the return postage. We think that's fair. All you have to do is email talk@truthorigins.co.uk and we will organise it with you.

[What are free radicals?]

Free radicals are biochemically ‘unstable’ particles that are produced by your body during every-day metabolism. These particles can cause damage to our cells through a process known as oxidation.

Most scientist agree that anti-oxidants through food and supplements can destroy or neutralise free radicals.

[Why are you worried about oxidation?]

Light and oxygen are the perfect conditions for oxidation.

Think about what happens if you leave a slice of apple in the sunlight. The vibrant white fruit compound will rapidly turn brown.
This can happen to any food or supplement, especially ours that are ONLY plant-based. We don't want to add toxic food preservatives or stabilisers, so we sourced the best possible light-blocking bottles.

We transport our supplements from Australia in recycled aluminium canisters to block the sunlight (as well as avoiding plastics.

[What are "essential" supplements?]

Essential nutrients are those that the body cannot produce on its own. That means the only way to get them is through the diet or with supplements.
For instance, unlike most other mammals, humans are unable to synthesize Vitamin C so it is, by definition, essential and must be consumed in the diet.

Our Vitamin C is completely natural, and water soluble ensuring maximum absorption for the best possible results. The same goes for omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, which are crucial for normal function and development.

[Is it OK to take if I'm following...]

Vegan = Yes
Veggie = Yes
Paleo = Yes
Ketogenic = Yes (MCT is especially important)
People with diabetes = Yes
Jain = Yes

[What is Bio-availability?]

You always hear the term "bioavailability" in health supplements and pharmaceuticals. It means how much of a consumed supplement makes its way into the bloodstream.

Something with poor bioavailability never really has a chance to work. Water-solubility is a massive step towards bioavailability, and this is why we’re so excited with the product range we’ve developed.
[How do I take your Curcumin/Omegas/Vitamin C?]

Mix in water, a cold drink, or a smoothie. Simply put 6 pumps in and blend it with the other ingredients. Mix with tea or coffee (though you should avoid putting them in boiling liquid).

Mix in food if you like. Add it to your morning cereal, or even homemade ice cream. You can take our supplements neat by pumping them straight into your mouth.

Or mix all 3 together into a small glass of water. Beats the hell out of a wheatgrass shot!

[How do I take your MCT Oil?]

It's flavourless and odourless and is energy-rich. Most use it in their morning tea, coffee, protein shake or smoothie but it can be easily consumed neat with a large tablespoon.

[How did you manage to create these products without using toxins for extraction?]

We’re Australian, and we think we’re pretty clever. We also lead the world in plants-based nutrition and health. We don't just lay around on the beach all day.

[Does your MCT Oil come from Coconuts ONLY?]

That’s right. We won't use palm oil because we despise deforestation, and palm oil is caught up in that mess!

[How do you prevent oxidation?]

Our entire process of plant picking to shipping is tightly measured and planned.

Our products are shipped in aluminium containers then bottled directly into Miron glass bottles, the world leader in glass technology. This preserves the integrity and potency of our product in your body.

[Are there any allergens?]

Not that we know of! All of our products are from non-allergenic plants.

[When do I receive my purchase?]

If you order before 2pm, we will ship it out on the same day and email you the tracking details when it leaves our warehouse. If you choose the free delivery, it will take 2-5 days. If you choose express post you should receive it next day for UK.

[What are the couriers, tracking and signing requirements?]

Our couriers will give you a delivery window, and you can opt to leave it in a safe place if you won't be home. If no one is there and there is no instruction to leave it, we will try the next day, and the day after. If there is still no one there and no response it will come back to us. We have to pay for the triple failed delivery, so please ensure you plan ahead.