Our Story

Our Story

Truth Origins is the product of two lifelong friends (Trent & Harry) that supported each other through overcoming cancer and who then made a commitment to extreme healthy living, longevity and helping others achieve the same.

Our Team

We all live active lifestyles, and are constantly monitoring the latest trends in health, fitness and fatherhood. We think of ourselves as honest and genuine guys who continue to innovate healthy solutions to common life challenges. All of our products are supported by science as we promote the truth about the emerging power of plant based nutrition.



Our Managing Director studies the performance of athletes at all levels, from beginners to professionals, by owning, operating and training martial arts in one of London's fastest growing independent fitness clubs.

<p>Harry <em>MBBS P.h.D.</em></p>

Harry MBBS P.h.D.

Our Scientific Director is a medical practitioner with a Ph.D. in nutrition science. He has published widely on the health effects of dietary oils and has worked in prestigious laboratories including the National Institutes of Health in the USA.



Our Creative Director, is an accomplished artist, International Yoga teacher and also a relaxed Vegan. He has instructed all over the world and is passionate about plant-based solutions in everyday life.

Why did a Doctor start a nutrition company?

Learn about the science, and enter Dr Harry’s world.

See what people are saying!

Luke W.

"I’m am so impressed with all of Truth Origins products. You can see that they are made with quality.... I’m also impressed that this is a company with credibility with the data to back it up. Keep up the great work Truth Origins!"

Cecilia M.

"You can email them and they respond fairly quickly. The curcumin tastes very pleasant indeed. Product was posted very quickly after order. Starting to feel the effect of reducing inflammation in my body both in my muscles and my gut. Will be ordering again."

Christina A.

I have been taking curcumin now for three months and the difference For me has been substantial .My joint aches have diminished significantly. Getting the product has gone each time without a hitch,so would I recommend it? absolutely