We have just created a Scientific Breakthrough in Healthy living!

Scientists and nutritionists have been trying to improve the bioavailability of plant based vitamins for years. The question has always been, “How can we get more of the good stuff through the gut and into the cells that need them most?”

Australia is known for many things: great beaches, friendly people and our amazing natural beauty. But who would have thought that Aussie Scientists could win the bio-availability arms-race?

Dr Harry researches the most effective plant based supplements, analyses the science, wading through the jargon to give us the Truth. He’s Australian, so his accent might sound funny, but he knows his stuff.

With literally tens of thousands of scientific studies published each year on various supplements and complementary medicines, it is a daunting task for any individual to find the information they need to make decisions about what to – and what not to - take.

At Truth Origins, we are absolutely passionate about keeping our community abreast of the scientific literature. We are constantly scanning and evaluating the latest research and will bring it to you in a form that makes sense. Our medical and scientific experience means that you won’t need a Ph.D. or a medical degree to get the information you need!

So how can we decide on what to take, and what not to?

Truth Origins has taken the following approach in deciding which products to offer: Safety. Safety. Safety.

Safety is our highest priority.
For us to offer a product it must obviously be safe to consume. We assess the best of the evidence and guarantee that all of our products are plant-based and are manufactured and purified without the use of petrochemicals.

Our products are supported by sufficient scientific evidence to suggest a benefit for human health. That’s why we only offer four products at the moment,: curcumin, vitamin C, omega fatty acids, and MCT Oil.

Truth’s Dr Harry says; “As a doctor and a scientist I know what it takes to be truly “Scientifically proven” (and how unlikely this is for any supplement). The reality is, though, that the effect of most supplements is rarely “proven”. It just takes too long and costs too much, and no one can afford to do that except Pharmaceutical companies! However, I will share with you the latest research, as well as my own experience with our products, so that you can make an informed decision about what’s best for you.”

What’s important for you to know is that it takes many, many years to understand the effect of any given substance – be it a drug, supplement or food – on human health and illness. For instance, most drugs prescribed by doctors went through several phases of clinical trials and cost up to a billion pounds to take from the lab to the pharmacy shelf. Not only that, but the typical process from discovery or invention through to a product hitting the shelf is no less than 20 years!
Now think about if a trusted friend of yours told you that they’ve been putting a dash of cinnamon in their tea every morning for the last 3 months and they’ve found that they’re sleeping better than ever before, they’ve lost weight and their mood has improved. What would you do? Would you look into the science or would you just start taking it?

It is extraordinarily unlikely that anyone has ever conducted a multi-centre randomised, double-blind clinical trial on the effect of a dash of cinnamon in tea on sleep, weight loss and mood. One couldn’t possibly control for the other factors that might affect the outcome (genetics, diet, other drugs etc), and even if they could, they’d then need to do another study measuring the impact of one dash versus two dashes or even three!

Cinnamon isn’t alone in this conundrum. Most things we consume, of course, never go through the comprehensive testing required of a new pharmaceutical agent. It would be impractical and unaffordable to have them do so. And – most of all – no one wants to wait the twenty years to find out!